At WhiskeySoft we do it all, no job is to big or small!
WhiskeySoft Laser Engraving
"...on demand, while you wait"
Here is our "Top 10" list of most requested jobs
...only YOUR imagination is the limt...
The laser will "burn" up to 1/2 in thick acrylic; this means if you wanted a custom window on your speaker box enclosure... we can do it!

Want to "personalize" your amps or protect the screen on your DVD
display...we do that too!

Want to personalize your desk or garage?....
(If it will fit in to the laser, we will do it!)
The Laser will mark on all metals in a "black" coating that will never come off, no matter how hard you rub...
The marking on woods and plastics will be "engraved" in to that material.

Personalize your WIRELESS phone or "Blackberry" with the best value out there. We understand that your phone is important, so turn around time is VERY short and these orders go to the "head of the line". Look at out up coming events and we can do it while you wait!
...LOOK at the resolution...this is laser cut in to cardboard...
We can do stensels, rubber stamps, templates, gaskets...even cut out the parts for
model airplanes and doll houses!

Want to customize your Lap Top Computer?
How about a portable DVD player?
What about the kids (or yours) PSP's, Game Boys...
We can do it!

Need promotional KEY CHAINS for personal or business?, we do it...and the best part is that we only charge a $30 setup fee for the layout and send the design to us...we make the key chains....just that simple...again we do not have a "minimum order" and the key chains are only $2.00 each, done in Plexiglas, and include the ring!
Photos on wood are HOT ITEMS and look really cool....Mothers Day, Father's Day, you name it days....what better way to say what you like than through a picture custom engraved for you!

Want to give a gift that is really about a photo dog tag....small and large tags in various colors, and done for a very reasonable price...because our Laser can detail down to .005", your photo will come out AMAZING!

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Custom jobs....SPECIAL Requests...hundreds of of a want it, we do it!
Don't see what you us !!!
Want to make your tools, guns, about bar codes for inventory want it marked, we will mark it!

Note: Firearms will have to be shipped UPS or FedEx, Insure and disclose them properly please...and yes we are licened and permited properly for shipping them.

This is only a brief list of what we can do here at WhiskeySoft Laser Engraving, please use the "Contact Us" page and simply ask us if we can, you will be pleasantly surprised that we can!

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